Veterans Investing LLC. is a Real Estate Investment Fund, and an online community of military veterans, active duty, and civilian investors.

Our mission is to realize our clients the most competitive rates, as well as our lenders the highest returns.

Our team loves real estate, and our passion has only grown as we’ve been investing across our great nation. With over 40+ years in combined real estate experience, our team has realized tremendous individual success, as we now secure that success for our clients.

We founded Veterans Investing to allow Patriots, proud Americans, friends, and family to invest alongside us. Veterans Investing is helping pave the way for people of all backgrounds, to realize their investment dreams.

Veterans Investing is a rapidly growing equity firm with cutting-edge approaches to investments and wealth creation.

Our goal is to help our investor clients revitalize distressed communities, by bringing affordable housing projects to metropolitan and suburban markets.

The vision of Veterans Investing was born through the experiences of Founder and President Christopher Fontaine’s military service in the US Marine Corps.

Chris conducted multiple combat tours in Iraq as a Marine Corps Bomb Dog Handler, and saw first hand the challenges his fellow veterans faced while transitioning back into the civilian workforce. In particular, Chris witnessed these challenges with his fellow veterans that were injured and suffered combat disabilities. It’s with this vision that Chris started Veteran’s Investing, that, while in its infancy, secured real estate investment funding strictly for veterans. As the company has grown, Veterans Investing is now available to ALL investors, both military and civilian.

As a successful Real Estate Investor, Chris knew that 75% of Investing is conducted with a laptop and a smartphone and done from almost anywhere with an Internet connection. Starting and running his own successful business, Chris envisioned teaching and mentoring as many of his fellow Veterans as possible into the world of Real Estate Investing. Chris felt compelled to show veterans an opportunity to start their own business and regain a sense of purpose.

With this vision, Chris and his partner David Brown created “Veterans Investing University.” The FREE online community is about teaching and mentoring our Veterans in becoming successful Real Estate Investors and eventually starting their own business. Unfortunately, once Veterans Investing moved into private funding, they were unable to keep the online university open due to staffing challenges during the pandemic.

Chris is currently working on getting the online university back up-and-running, as the demand has never been higher.

Chris saw the opportunity to combine the efforts of Veterans Investing University with our Veterans Multi-Family Real Estate Investing Fund.

Our FREE training curriculum is in partnership with the premier real estate trainer in the Nation. Kent Clothier and his Real Estate World Wide (REWW) has partnered up with Veterans Investing to offer our veterans the most comprehensive training available. Kent volunteered access to his program once he learned that our course was for our military veterans and active duty service members. The program teaches all facets of real estate investing, with an emphasis on identifying and acquiring properties across the country. Again, due to staffing challenges during the pandemic, the university has been temporarily closed, but we look to re-launch in early 2024.

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