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Veterans Investing is a private real estate investment firm specializing in funding a variety of hard money loans.

We lend directly to real estate investors, builders, and dealers. We participate in short term real estate secured loans known as bridge loans or hard money loans.

We thoroughly research every project and client we fund. That said, we most often realize a 12% or better return for our investor/lender. Our portfolio clearly demonstrates our impeccable success rate and realizes our lenders the absolute best return on their money.

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We invite all private lenders who are interested in funding one or more of our lucrative real estate projects.

While there is no such thing as a guarantee in any investment, we confidently can say we most often secure a 12% or better return on our projects and typically can do so within four months or less.

If you are a private lender or have capital that you are interested in investing in real estate, please contact us today.

Partner with Veterans Investing and let us put your money to work for you!

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